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My question: would I benefit from upgrading my sub? Currently I have a Hsu VTF-3. It's a 12", 250W unit, I run it in "max output" mode (two ports open) -- down to 25 Hz. Sub volume knob is about 10 o'clock position, and sub channel trim on receiver is 0db. Output is balanced with other channels using pink noise test.

My dedicated theater room is 22' x 20' x 9'; about 4,000 cubic feet. Other speakers are Axiom M60, VP150 ctr and QS8 surrounds. Receiver is a Denon AVR-3808CI. Usage is about 70% HT, 30% music.

For several years I've been satisfied with the VTF-3, but have been thinking about upgrading to a Hsu ULS-15 or SVS PC13-Ultra.

Can anyone who has done a similar upgrade with a similar room size comment? Was there a significant improvement?
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