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Opinions and experience on Netlflix DVD rental membership

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Please give me any experiences good and bad on this service. thanks
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I had them for more than a year now, I primarily used them to rent out anime disc but recently they slowed down on acquiring anime title and probably only bought a couple of copies and as a result the title would be unavailable for a long time. I also somehow noticed that they no longer acquire all the dvds title that is out (R1 dvd of course).

For recently released movie (read: major motion picture) theyre pretty good with stocks but the question you should ask yourself is how many dvds have you watched. I first use netflix when I bought my first dvd player so I have lots of titles I want to watch and I was renting close to 20 dvds in a month and for $20 that was a good deal to me

Rite now, im thinking if it is worth it cause im borrowing about 6 dvd pre month as im running out of thing to rent. They still beat Blockbuster though cause you can hold to your disc as long as you want, good for showcase pieces in between rentals.

So in the end, for me, theyre really good for short term, borrow every dvd that you always want to watch but dont want to get buyer's remorse. But thats just me =)
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Awesome service - we have a huge library of our own DVD's, but Netflix is for pictures we want to check out but may not want to buy unseen. I've seen literally dozens of great movies that I would never have seen otherwise. I have about 20 in the queue right now, so they just keep sending them as fast as I can watch them (subject to my monthly limit).

The main factors I love about Netflix (apart from the low monthly fees and Website convenience) are the lack of late fees and the zero hassle of having it delivered to and from your mailbox.

USPS did lose one DVD in the mail once, but Netflix didn't give us any grief about it. Overall their service has been stellar.

I wouldn't go back to Blockbuster if it was the last video store on earth. I don't know what's worse - the rude staff, the lack of choice on DVD or the zombies wandering the store looking for their next movie! Oh yes - the late fees - that is the worst part!
I've been using NetFlix for about 18 months. I like obscure movies that I'd never be able to find at the local rental places. I'm averaging about $3/movie with NetFlix. That's pretty good, but their turn-around time seems to be getting longer and longer lately.

Bottom line: Give 'em a try. The first month is free and after that it's only $20.
Overall, I have been very pleased with Netflix. Great selection, but the wait can be long for new releases. Good idea to keep you rental queue loaded.

However, since Sept 11th, it has taken a lot longer to receive them. What was taking 3 or 4 days, is now taking nearly a week. Netflix is in California and I live in Virginia.
NetFlix around that time period had a significant layoff that cut pretty deep. I have a friend who was layed off from NetFlix and he was a key developer. He was shocked. I wonder if this company will survive?

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