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Opinions on Magnepan MGMC1 or MMG

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I wanted to get some opinions on these speakers in use in home theater system. I really like the fact that the MGMC1 can be hung on a wall. Can the MMG be hung on a wall also? My current system is 6 NHT SuperZeros with a NHT SW2P sub powered by an Outlaw 1050 Receiver. I don't plan to replace any part of my system except for the SuperZeros. Again, any opinions on how these speakers would integrate into my existing system would be appreciated. The system is located in a rectangular living room with dimensions of 10' wide by 18' long. The only other thing that may be important is that I am using this in a front projection setup.
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The MMG cannot be hung on the wall w/o some modification.

The MGMC1 has less bass than the MMG, but you probably won't miss any since you got the SuperZeros. The MGMC1 should sound better than the MMG, due to its taller drivers and its better construction.

Maggies are 4 ohm and not as efficient as the SuperZeros, so you would have to take that into consideration when running it off your little receiver.

Also, since they are dipoles, they would need at least 3 feet of space behind the speaker, and should not in any way be closed off screen whereas rear reflection gets absorbed by it.

Don't get these because they could be hung on the wall. Magnepan has a different sound compared to any box speakers you heard. So get it for its sound quality, not for its convenience feature.

You haven't mentioned anything about the center channel, but a SuperZero would in no way blend with the sound of the maggies. You might have to get a maggie center channel like the MGMC2, which is $950 and has even less bass than the MGMC1 or SuperZeros.
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I just posted in another thread and will not repeat here:


I have not heard the Sub Zero's and can not give you a comparison. But I love my Maggies. Of course, I was already a Maggie fan, but with my room setup, the wall mounting, and wall using feature of the MGMC1's appealed to me. Magnepan designed these speakers to work with the wall. Most speakers need to be away for the wall to maximize performance, but not these speakers. They use the wall for imaging and for bass production. Of course you will need a sub woofer, but you need a sub anyways for an HT setup. The speakers' produce big, enveloping sound.

For HT use, frankly, I have never heard anything that sounds better. For music reproduction, of course, there are many options that will out perform these - but for a lot more money.

Depends on what you like in sound, too. I like the big sound of maggies, I like their relatively neutral response and lack of coloration and I like their ability to beautifully reproduce a wide range of instruments. In an HT setup, their dipole design disburses sound, enveloping you in the action.

Good luck.
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