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Hello everyone! I am new to this site, and have already taken a look around and searched for these speakers with no luck, so i thought id make a new post.
I am looking to get new speakers and currently have the Bose companion 2 series 3 speakers, but want more bass and a little more power.

I am looking at the arion deep sonar 550 speakers (arion legacy 3 piece extreme clarity speakers on amazon) (same speakers but different names)

I was wondering if anyone has used these before, as there are not many reviews on amazon about them, but i like the look and style of them and they seem like decent speakers. I have seen the logitech 5.1 speakers and didnt like the look of them or any others similar to them, as well as other commonly recommended 2.1 speakers, that is why i am looking at these speakers. If anyone has any info about these or recommendations about other speakers to get instead, i would greatly appreciate a response.

(side note: i do a lot of gaming if that helps at all)

Thanks everyone!
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