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Which TV for picture quality

  • UN60F6300AFXZA = 60" LED

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  • UN65EH6000FXZA = 64.5" LED

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  • UN60F6400AFXZA = 60" LED

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  • UN60F7100AFXZA = 60" LED

    Votes: 6 100.0%

Opinions Please on 4 Samsungs

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Going to get a TV very soon. Appreciate any input from everyone here. The room has windows on two sides and open to the great room / kitchen, so need LED.

I'm most concerned with picture quality and not apps/smarts/etc.

I don't care about speakers either as I'll be using a receiver, etc.

I put the Clear Motion Ratings (CMR) below, but I'm not sure if the TV's are 60Hz, 120Hz or 240Hz. Seems they have ways to exaggerate these things.


Here they are in ascending cost

UN60F6300AFXZA = 60" LED CMR 240

UN65EH6000FXZA = 64.5" LED CMR 240

UN60F6400AFXZA = 60" LED CMR 480

UN60F7100AFXZA = 60" LED CMR 720
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Also, if anyone can clear up the true refresh rates, I'd very much appreciate that.

Originally Posted by mfer  /t/1518341/opinions-please-on-4-samsungs#post_24369652

Also, if anyone can clear up the true refresh rates, I'd very much appreciate that.
If you can find one check out the F6800 Samsung which is 120hz panel with CMR of 600. I bought the 46" version and it is one of the nicest VA panel displays I have owned since the Sony HX800.
Thanks all.

Now I need some speakers!
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Any wall mount suggestions from monoprice?
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