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Opinions, Pronto Pro9600 or MX-3000

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I really would like to get an elegant touch screen for my HT...

The pronto 7500 isn't out of the question either...

I don't have alot of equipment, but want to be able to run RF so I don't have to point at the screen... Im pretty familiar with computers, and also have a buddy that can work or help me with Pronto stuff...

$$ isn't much of a worry, as I can get either at wholesale (cost) authorized...

Pro's or con's with either product...


XBOX DVD remote.. I run Xbox Media Center (streaming everything from servers) without this its a deal breaker !!

Pioneer Elite 81 (Temporary Pre/Pro)

Dish Sat box

Yamaha DVD Player

Panasonic Pro Plasma

Velodyne SMS-1
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Well It looks like not alot of people like the MX-3000, including programmer guys at install places, and It was suggested to me that the big ones are too cumbersome...

Maybe looking into the pronto 7500 is a better idea...

I guess you guys have answered way too many of these stupid questions...
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Sorry, I haven't used the the 9600 much yet, but was impressed with it when I have used it. The MX-3000 and TSU-7500 are more natural competitors, both in price and abilities. I like the ability to use animated graphics with the MX-3000, but as a beta tester for URC, I'm a bit prejudiced.
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I have a TSU9600 and RFX9400 myself which I've been using daily for the past 8 months or so. If you are looking for an elegant touchscreen remote the TSU9600 is definately the way to go. The quality of the screen is in a league of its own. It's really quite remarkable. The TSU9600 also steps it up with the use of Wi-Fi versus standard RF as its RF carrier. In conjunction with the RFX9400 or RFX9600 you'll be able to eliminate the need for line of sight with your components while at the same time retaining a much higher level of reliabilty over the standard RF solutions out there. The editor, ProntoEdit Professional is also a pleasure to use by the way. For more information on what's going on with the TSU9600 I'd suggest checking out the Pronto Professional forum over at Remote Central.

To check out what I've done with my TSU9600 check out these two threads over at RC...
LP's TSU9600 PackAndGo file.
LP's TSU9600 XM Radio Logos
I think that is the way Im going to go... its either wait for the new Pronto products to come out, or get the best of the best... Looks like the 9600 really has it going on. Seeing as I can get it at cost.. I may as well invest in a quality product...

Thanks Low Profile for your input, and nice work on what you did there.. I guess I will have alot of learning and programming to figure out.. But I guess it will be worth it in the end.

for Lighting, what do you suggest... controlling dimmer switches... which brand dimmers do you go with on something like that...?
I would compare the MX3000 more with the TSU 7500 as well.

I had one of the first MX3000s and I went running back to Pronto. They fixed a lot my issues with the MX3000 in a running hardware change. But the software was still a little annoying to me. Plus people didn't really like the feel of the remote in the hand. I got everything for "cheap feeling" to "crackerjack box" to "where is the Nintendo this is for?"

I got one of the early 9600s last September I think. I started to play with the editor but got a little behind with all the issues. Like the one where parts of macros just didn't work. Now I was around back in the day when if you enabled the beeps on a TSU1000 it missed 1/2 its button pushes. Turn off the beeps and it was 100%... But having to resize and reorient my Operating system for the 9600 was kind of time consuming... so it got pushed aside.

Then like I said dealer after dealer would come back to me and tell me that something didn't work and if I had the same problem.... I admitted that this time they were the test monkeys and I was waiting for them.

Compounded by the fact that I moved over to using RTI a lot more and really like the hard ware. The Editor is no match for pronto edit. Sure the RTI stuff is great but the things you can do in a hurry on prontoedit is HUGE!

The T3 has a nice solid interface that I initially wrote for Prontos and it works! Plus customers prefer the form factor of the RTI itself. Plus the ability to dock it by dropping it in there and not having to align battery terminals carefully.

Also it gave me access to more sounds that I barely use as I consider most cheesy but screen flips can actually look like animation.

MAybe I should pull that 9600 back out one of these days...

I was also annoyed that I was promised that several things would be added to the interface in short order.

1. the DVD part of the Escients interface was not included in the Escient module. It was for music only. Well its no match for a Sonos. (Yeah they have to use two remotes but they don't have to have an Esceint either. But with the addition of fireball PC they probably don't even need that anymore.)

2. The Philips trainer specifically asked if there was something we would like to see a module for... SONOS! His reply, "we are working with them on this already. Should be ready to go in the next few months...." WE ARE COMING UP ON A YEAR NOW!

3. Netstreams??? Anywhere>>>???
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I have the TSU9600 and the RFX9600, I have to say it's a great remote. This was the first programmable remote that I have purchased, and after a couple hours of learning, it's very easy to program it with pronto edit. I was in your shoes a couple months ago, trying to decide between an mx-3000 and the tsu-9600. I went the 9600 route because I couldn't stand the mx-3000's look and feel. The 9600 is very sleek, and it works perfect over my wifi. One thing that I don't like is that it doesn't have two way communication through rs232 for most things. (only for escient and lutron radiora I believe).
At least one more person has to weigh in on the positive side for the MX-3000. I absolutely love this remote. The fact that you hold it like playstation controller was one of the selling points for me. I didn't like the look and feel of the Pronto 7500 and 7000 remotes. Anyone who has been over to my place has been very impressed. Some don't like the playstation feel to it.

The problem with the MX-3000 (or any URC remote) has been the new company policy with the software. Buy from a true authorized dealer and you avoid this problem 100%. Many who bought a URC remote from unauthorized dealers on ebay have had a lot of negative things to say on different forums. Again, not a problem with the remote, just the company policy. I'll be the first to admit it sucks.

Without ever seeing the TSU9600 in person, I can at least say this that I like about it.

1. I like the stand it sits on. You can set it up right next to you on the end table by your couch and hit the touch screen without ever picking it up. Very nice.

2. The touch screen is twice the resolution of the MX-3000. Also nice.

Ergonomics will be a personal preference from person to person. Only you could make that choice. From a technical standpoint, you couldn't go wrong with either remote. Both will serve you well. Maybe weigh WiFi over RF depending on other equipment you may use.
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I appreciate your help and thoughts guys... I really want something slick, and being pretty computer savvy I should be able to get it up and running...

I think its come down to the Pronto 9600....
Originally Posted by vipercompany /forum/post/0

The 9600 is very sleek, and it works perfect over my wifi.

What did you mean by this statement... How does this work over the existing WiFi...

I can understand that the RFX9400 is a link between the 9600, to offer IR extension.

But what exactly is the capability of the 9600 and WiFi...


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I would wait until CEDIA or at least some more info on the two new remotes that will be added to the Pronto line. the 9200 and 9400
But based on the info out there already on those, they will just be underlings of the 9600,

From what I gather, they are just updating the lower level products, with the 9400 being a remake of what the 7500 is now... which tells me it will be another PDA sized unit, based more on what the 9600 is...

At least thats what I came up with in my feeble little mind...
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Thanks for all your help guys... Pulled the trigger on a Pronto 9600 & RFX9400

Guess I'll have some learning to do...
BTW Darian....

I found that some of the things you were looking for in a remote controls abilities to another device.... that you might look into an XBMC.

Now you do need a modded xbox, which really work slick... with IR control programmed into the 9600. would work flawlessly, or better depending on your programming skill...

An they have just started the undertaking of converting all this to be used under Linux. Therefore, you can have a HTPC running stable and have the ability of better HD hardware.

I stream everything over my network from servers right from XBMC, also over the internet, watch movie previews, check weather, music server streaming - - seriously whatever.... tons of scripts avail. search for XBMC
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Will the Pronto Edit Proffesional work with Vista yet? I heard it had some problems with Vista a while ago.
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