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Hello everyone!

Here is my new apartment (click for a larger image), as well as an initial concept for the arrangement. I'm thinking of building a faux-wall over the existing wall on the right side of the living room area so that I can embed my TV and speakers in the wall (and have them flush with the wall) and so that all wiring is completely hidden. I'll also build the equiptment area directly into the wall (probably under the TV, possibly in the corner by the window) to take advantage of the 8" of space the wall will require (so it will only stick out 12") and it will be integrated with the wall so it'll all look awesome.

To accomplish this I'm thinking of getting the Sharp Aquos 52" LCD 1080p TV with some Paradigm Millenia 200 speakers for fronts, probably Millenia 20 or 30 for center and unknown rears. I'm going to mount the speakers in the wall by the TV and ceiling mount the rears on the "rear" (left side) of the room. The wires for the rears will be run along the ceiling in a way that is subtle and hard to see.

What do you guys think of this arrangement? Any suggestions on how it could be made better?

I'm having a helluva time trying to figure out the furnature arrangement as well. The island shown there is something that we currently have and it's coming with us (greatly increases the utility of the kitchen sez the wife) and the turtles/fish are mine and I'd really like to have them by the window. The wife is pretty set on having a "seperate" area for the proposed love seat that is "away from the general TV area" so that people (she) can sit in the living room without being inundated by the TV. I'm struggling with how to optimize the space to accomplish this. I would have had it facing the opposite wall, but then we create a "hallway" between the two sofas and lose that space in the room (which actually makes it feel a lot smaller). One of the conditions for the move (I wanted to move into a house) was that she wouldn't complain about the home theatre setup, so I have some latitude there, however (as always) it doesn't matter what they say, I still have to live with her, so it has to have a decent WAF.

Any ideas or suggestions for the layout or equiptment would be greatly appreciated!

Since we don't own either piece of furnature any suggestions on which ones to get would also be greatly appreciated

Thanks everyone!
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