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Opinions/suggestions on these pre amps

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a Rotel 1095. I am now in the market for a Pre amp. Considering B&K Ref 50, Classe SSP 30, or Rotel 1066/68.

I currently use a Denon AVR 4800 for the preamp. Speaker are Paradigm Studio 40's, Studio CC, ADP 350's for rears. I'll eventually upgrade fronts to Studio 100's sometime this year.

I will have an opportunity to get the Classe SSP 30 for a closeout price. Won't know until tomorrow. What would be a good price for the SSP 30 and what are your opinions compared to the Ref 50 and the Rotel 1066.

Or should I wait for the 1068?

The problem with the SSP 30 is the lack of component switching. But, if this unit is substantially better than the Ref 50 or the Rotels, then I will consider. I've handled the lack of video this long and can maybe survive without.

This dealer also has the Krell HTS for $1600. Would this be a good option. I don't think it has the upgrade.

Thanks for the info.
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I have owned the classe and the krell, I had severe problems with rear channels on the classe, I have owned the krell for a few years now, no problems, I have also compared it to the newer prepro's from outlaw (950) and B&K 50, imo, the krell sounds better, good luck
The Krell and Classe are in a different class than the Rotel, with the B&K in between. I would only get the SSP-30 if it is the II version with the DPLII upgrade, and if it had full warranty. Classe customer support is said to be very good, as is Krell. Personally I would not buy a high priced pre/pro without DPLII, and preferably with the newest version, DPLIIx.

I agree with "dsmith901" The Krell and Classe are in a different class. I have owned the Krell Showcase pre/pro and Amp for better than a year now. My experience has been nothing but stellar, customer service has been second to none (no product problems, just set up questions)....I also agree that I would not buy anything that does not have at least DPLII, or is at least upgradeable. It makes a world of difference in older DVD movies, as well as Satellite, Cable TV, and other formats, that are recorded or broadcast in Dolby Surround, or 2.0 channel stereo. Thats my .02 .......good luck.:)
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