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Opinoins are like... PRO-1150HD vs TH-50PZ750

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After trolling and putting this off for far too long now, I've decided to pull the trigger. My mind is almost made up, but I'd like the input from the masses. Cost is not an issue, rather, the cost between these two is not an issue. As much as I want to, I can't swing the Pro 110FD.

First Choice: Pioneer Elite PRO-1150HD

Second Choice: Panasonic TH-50PZ750

My main question, will I regret pulling the trigger on a 720p TV?

After spending 2+ hours playing with the two sets, (thankfully they were side by side) the Pioneer has the best black levels and picture quality I've ever seen in a plasma. I've seen the 750 alone, and up until today, I thought it was good. Standing next to the Pioneer, it just wasn't fair. I made all of my base comparisons with the Pioneer Elite on "pure" and the Panasonic on "studio reference", the input was (unfortunately) a 1080i source over component. At the moment, I don't have a BR/HDDVD Player, but when this format war is over, one will be filling the empty slot on my shelf.

Other notes:

Sound isn't an issue. Seating distance is between 10-13". I would be one to take advantage of the Windows Media connect features that the Pioneer has.

I just need the nudge to make it over the edge, feel free to push me off, or pull me back if I'm making a poor decision.

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You mention yourself that the Pioneer looked better to you. This should be an easy choice for you then.
720 -1080 wont make a difference so i would have to agree w/ Roman. The Pioneer looks best? Buy the Pioneer.
10-13' away? I can't resolve anything 1080p at that distance, on a 50". Get the Pioneer. It's a better display, by a considerable margin....imo
I appreciate the input. Like I said, I wanted to make sure that trading the resolution for Picture Quality was a wise decision.

Home Theater Magazine just did a face off/comparision with a sony 60" sxrd/lcos, samsung 61" led dlp, mits 57" dlp, jvc 47" lcd , sharp 52" lcd, panasonic 50" th50pz750u and the Pioneer 50" Kuro 5080.

The Pioneer Kuro 5080 beat them all out and it was the only non 1080p display!

This was also before the $1000 price drop
which would have only enhanced the value points it received in the article.

The PRO1150 is a 5080 with added features/controls /settings so get the PRO1150.
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