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I've just hooked up an Oppo 980H DVD player to a Pio Elite VSX-90TXV

receiver, but for some reason I do not get audio through optical

connection: HDMI cable comes out of the 980 and connects to one

of the HDMI inputs on the 90TXV; Optical digital audio comes

out of the 980 and connects to one of the inputs on the receiver.

However the only audio I get is through the TV speakers, and

only if HDMI audio out is turned on on the 980. Page 16 of the

receiver says something like: "to hear audio from your HDMI device

through this receiver, make analog and/or digital connections as

necessary. Without this connection, HDMI audio will still be output

*from your TV*, but no sound will be heard from this receiver".

Nevertheless, even with the connections made as indicated in

the manual, I don't get audio from the A/V receiver's speakers.

Does anyone know any issue with the combination 980H +

90TXV? Thanks.
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