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For sale: my Oppo BDP-80 Blu Ray player.

This unit was bought by myself, directly from Oppo, in February 2010.

This unit looks good and works good. There are no negative issues to describe about it. The firmware is up-to-date.

It includes a back-lit remote control. My memory is that the back-lit remote was exclusive to units ordered directly from Oppo (If my memory is wrong, PM me or reply to this listing, and I will correct the information). In any case, the remote is back-lit.

It is not region-free (it has never been opened up or messed with). It can be made region-free for $30. Search eBay for "BDP-80 region" to get the $30 region-free kit.

It will be shipped in the original Oppo factory packaging, with all the details (see the picture), just as it was shipped from Oppo. It includes Oppo HDMI cable, "Oppo bag", power cord, back-lit remote, batteries, instruction manual, and a bonus Settings Checklist.

Shipping is free for the continental USA. Shipping is actual cost for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Canadian buyers will be expected to advise me as to the best shipment method to their location in Canada.

Asking $225 with free shipping. Reasonable offers will be considered, but only after the unit has been up for a reasonable while. If you want to make a lower offer, please be patient.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you very much for your kind attention.
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