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Oppo bdp 93 no center channel on Vudu

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I have a strange problem. I am running an Oppo Bdp-93 player into a Marantz receiver. The Marantz is only used for sound purposes. The system is setup as 5.1 running both 6 channels analog rca cables and a digital rca cable between the player and receiver. All audio channels work perfectly on the digital output. The strange thing is that since this weekend I started having problems with the analog center channel output. The weird thing is that the center channel plays perfectly on DVDs, some blue rays and also pandora etc. Watching Vudu movies now loses the center channel during the movie. I did a test (free movies with adds) and the add voices comes through the center channel and then the movie follows with no voices. The same problem occurs even mixed down to 2.1...you hear everything except the voices... This problem does not occur with the digital cable.... The only thing that happened before that was that I tried to play a disk and it sad wrong region... I did reset the Oppo back to factory settings but it still has the same problem. I don't have any idea what can be causing this problem.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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