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Hi there.


I have an Oppo BDP 103 and I am almost perfectly happy with it.  I am using four analogue outputs feeding a couple of stereo amplifiers each driving a pair of speakers.  That is, I have FL & FR and SL & SR only.  The SB speakers, Centre and Subwoofer are of course all set to "off" in the Speaker Configuration menu.


And this works perfectly nearly all the time.  "Nearly" refers to the fact that once every few weeks, at the time I power the unit on, the content from the centre channel ceases to redirected to FL and FR, and instead simply disappears.  Think of any movie with lots of sound effects and you'll appreciate that you can hear these effects perfectly in all four speakers but you can't hear the character right in front of you.  The example I quoted was Taken 2 which, in the scene where the taxi goes through the gates of the US embassy, sounded great except that the father and daughter's dialogue had vanished.  I get the same effect, of course, if I set the centre speaker to "small" or "large" but I'm not doing that, and most of the time the information from the centre channel is being directed to both FL and FR exactly as it should be.  Just not all the bloody time!


This is occurring when the source is a FOXTEL (Australia's cable television company) high definition set top box and recorder.  I don't believe this box can be at fault, and a recorded HD program can suffer from "no dialogue" at one time and then be fine next time.  If I'm watching something HD in real time and the centre content vanishes, I can pause the program, "fix the Oppo" and then watch it perfectly.


So what do I do to "fix" it?  Well, any one of a number of things has worked.  I can power the whole thing down and then, when it's back, the centre content is back too.  I have reset the box to factory defaults and it works fine.  I have also found on a couple of occasions that switching to an audio CD and then returning to the "rear HDMI" source works too.


The firmware is up to date, and the only changes I make are variable volume and this speaker configuration.  I want to be clear that it works flawlessly the vast majority of the time.  I'd just love some suggestions to stop the bad language from occurring at the other times!



Melbourne, Australia      



PS  FYI the initial response from the Australian distributor, Interdyn, was as follows, and I have pointed out that I respectfully disagree.




I suggest that to use center channel speaker also. The reason is when you are playing multi track audio the center track will be missed out because you have set your audio setting as 7.1.


The reason it is intermittent is because the center track sound will be mixed in way that only central element dialogue will be produced.


4.0 speaker setup is not a standard and Oppo do not have settings for 4.0 speaker setup.


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