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Ok, this is my case. I moved from Venezuela to Katy-Texas and before I came I sold almost all my audio and video equipment. I sold my Onkyo TX-SR876, a pair of Polk Audio RTiA3, a pair of Polk Audio RTiA1 and CSiA4 center. Also sold my SVS PB13-Ultra. Of course due to the relocation and the costs involved have not been able to buy my new AVR (which will be an Onkyo TX-NR3007). I could keep and bring with me the following devices: Sony VPL-VW40 (only 32 hours of use), two pairs of Polk Audio RTiA3, a Polk Audio CSiA6, a Velodyne SMS-1, a Emotiva XPA-3 and an Oppo DV-983HD.

Since I can not go without listening to music, today I decided to connect the 983 directly to the XPA-3 and connect to the XPA-3 a couple of RTiA3, the result was better than I expected, the sound is crystal clear and crisp. But I worry that this way this will damage both the RTiA3 or amplifier. Are there any Risk of damage in any of the components involved?


Enrico Castagnetti
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