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Optical audio cable brand?

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First post! AVSforum rocks, tons of good info... Anyways, I was planning to take a trip to Radio Shack to get an optical audio cable for my new Audio system. I was wondering whether brands and models matter for these cables? If so, what are your favorites? Does it really make a difference to get really expensive cables? (I'm not exactly and audiophile, just want to utilize my optical input enought to get good quality sound)
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I have used their optical cables and they work just fine.

Parts Express has them pretty cheap too.
Second Part Express. All of my cables are Dayton brand and they work fine and are cheap.

if going to RatShaq or anothe B&M look for accoustic research
I would avoid Radio Shack. It seems like all they stock are Monster and maybe Acoustic Research. Check their website before driving over. Best Buy and/or Circuit City will have a wider selection if you MUST have it today. Surprisingly, Home Depot, Lowe's and/or Sears may have a better deal.

The best option is to purchase from www.partsexpress.com or www.accessories4less.com or www.knukonceptz.com . See who has a special deal.
thanks for the input, guys.... How much is the shipping, I don't think there is an option to calculate shipping before checking out...
It's pretty fair at all of those places. I paid about $9 for coax digital and the same for optical digital (6' lengths both times). Shipping might be $5 more or so. I bought over $100 of stuff so I could get free shipping.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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