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Optical audio splitter

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Didn't know where else to post this. My receiver only has one optical output. I saw a splitter on monoprice. Does this degrade the quality? Is there a way to split it to get more outputs?
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In my setup (like most other insane people, costing many thousands of dollars) I have a nice little piece of plastic that cost $15. It's from Recoton and it's an optical digital switch. It uses Toslink-to-mini adapters, but I have yet to notice any real quality difference.

They're probably available on eBay. You'll also find better switches on eBay for reasonable prices as well as ones that do video as well.
Try googling "toslink splitter". When I did, the top one on the list was a bargain at $6.00. A much better value than that $15 switch!

Seems to me that it must be a prism with 3 Toslink connectors glued to it.

So long as you get any reasonable signal to pass through it, there should be no significant signal degradation using it. For $6, you don't have much risk finding out for yourself.
Radio Shack has them too. A switch...not a splitter.
An optical splitter shouldn't degrade the signal, but the split outputs will have a power loss of at least 3db. Make sure the optical receivers can accept the lower signal level.
Since it's all 0's and 1's wouldn't it be the case where either I get the audio signal or I don't?
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