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Hi Folks,

I just set up a new small media room - and I'm having some optical audio problems. Specifically, when hooking the xbox360 to my new Harman Kardon HS300, the audio drops out when the sound coming out of the 360 is low.

In other words, if you're playing a quiet section of the game (and only a quiet section), the audio will drop out for a second or two before returning.

What I know:

1) It's not the 360 - I had a friend bring his over and it does the same thing.

2) I plugged 2 other optical devices into the HS300 - and they work fine without dropouts.

3) When you look at the red light at the end of the optical cable, it's VERY bright coming from the Cable box, and VERY bright coming from the Sonos, but it's rather dim coming from the 360 (and looks dim coming from my friends 360 as well).

4) The 360 worked fine plugged into the optical in of my old Pioneer 360 surround system.

5) I've tried 5 different monoprice-quality optical cables.


1) Does the brightness of the red light correlate with output feed from the optical cable?

2) Is it possible that the Harman Kardon is just more sensitive to optical output than the Pioneer was?

3) I don't own any 'high quality' optical cables (just cheap Monoprice cables) - if I had a real glass optical cables could that boost the signal enough to possibly cure the dropouts?

4) I've seen optical cable amplifiers on the net for ~$20 - anyone have experience with these? Even though they are sold to 'boost the signal for long runs', I'm thinking perhaps it could boost the signal from the 360 just to go the 3 foot I need it to.


Thanks much.
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