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Optical Problem with AVR 430 HK

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I have a HK AVR 430. I have connected my HDTV optical out to Optical 1 in and set the input to DVD/OPT 1. That works! I then run a second optical cable from the xbox360 out to Optical 2. Then I switch to video 1, try to set optical to OPT 2 and it says UNLOCK, and there is no sound from the xbox.

Why can't I use two optical cable in?

I have tried other video settings: 2,3,4,CD but it is all the same.

I did connect xbox rca to the TV, so if I pick OPT 1 it works but then it is not 5.1

I want 5.1 from the TV and the xbox. Any solution?

Thank you.
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You need to enable the optical out from the xbox in the menu so the avr will "See" a signal and make sure you set it to bitstream for 5.1.
my optical cable was defective. Changed it, it now works great. Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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