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Hello all,

I just recently received my Skullcandy SLYR headset and connected it for my PS3. I have my PS3 hooked up to my TV via HDMI, and the SLYR hooked up to the RCA composite audio output on my TV. So the TV is outputting the audio directly to the SLYR, not the PS3.

I've noticed that there is a good amount of static with this setup, and I've been wondering if the audio quality would be greatly improved by connecting the SLYR to the PS3 directly? Unfortunately I don't have the original RCA cable that came with the PS3 (why use RCA nowadays when you could use HDMI). I don't want to bother wasting time and money buying the PS3 RCA cable if it won't result in real, tangible, audio quality improvements. I'm kinda hoping there are people on this forum that have tried it both ways and can speak from experience regarding any noticeable change in quality.

Thanks everyone
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