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Optimal Screen size

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I'd like to install a projector and screen. If the main seat in the home theatre is 10-12 feet from the screen, what size screen is suitable? I know there is a general formula one uses - can someone help?
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Typically, from optimal seating position, the most common reference is to use 1.75 x screen width = distance so in your case:

screen width = distance/1.75

Measure everything in inches

Example: screen width = 180" / 1.75

screen width = 102"

This calculation is to minimize SDE or othe visual artifacts from where you sit

The 1.75 can be higher (worse resolution) or lower (better resolution) depending on what pj you'll get.

Of course, my math could be faulty

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Here is a link that is very useful and gives optimal parameters for THX and SMPTE specs:


I prefer a distance of about 1.5 x screen width for my setup but everyone is a little different in this regard. It mainly depends on your particular pj setup and source resolution.
Justafarmer: I would take a moment to read through the descriptions of all the different forums that we have at AVS. We have forum broken down by price etc for projectors and two separate screen forums (one DIY and other for prof. made screens). You'll tend to find the "experts" in that area for specific quesitons on different aspects of HT hobby....thou the two other members have given provided great info.

Good Luck and Welcome

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