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Hi All,

Seeking some advice for a fast (fastest) scratch disk with a reasonable amount of value.


I currently have a Desktop ( i7 on Asus Deluxe w/16GB DDR3 and fast SSD) and a HTPC (3570k i5, 8GB DDR 2133mhz, Z77 Asrock) and a 30TB media server (Asrock Z77/8GB DDR/ SSD WHS2011 + Flexraid). I also have two other machines and two laptops. I have given back my cable box to comcast and now only subscribe to basic local channels. I do have a non encypted HD capture card (I don't have cable card or subscribe/record pay channels) I do a fair amount of media management all done on my desktop, which has triple large screen LCD's. It's just easier this way. I then move the content to the server.

Shortening the time it takes me to organize media is my goal, by speeding up and improving my hardware making the process faster and more efficient.

At this point the small cost in hardware is less important than my personal time.

I am seeking advice on what would be an ideal scratch disk set up ??? I need 3TB+ storage and thus SSD is out of question due to cost.

I'm willing to spend a few hundred bucks to improve my set up.

I was thinking of 2 fast 3TB 7200.14 Seagates in RAID0. Is it possible to Cache a RAID0 drive with an SSD ?

I currently use 2 1TB Samsung 7200rpm HDDs in RAID 0 but I need more than just 2TB of space and they are slow and old by today standards.

Another option was velciraptors. Perhaps 3 in RAID 0. But the Seagates are better value and nearly as fast.

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