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I remember reading back during CES time, that there were going to be a ton of new units hitting the market that would keep the "input box" for a TV in one location and everything would be sent to the TV in a remote location via some network protocol. This would permit mounting the TV or putting it in an awkward position without worrying about stringing all kinds of wires.

I now have a situation that needs this sort of device. I want to keep the components at one tucked away location, and I have a TV location that is impossible to have wires strung to it. It's stuck way out in the middle of an open room with concrete floors and stringing a bunch of cables under some rugs isn't an option. It already has a power outlet built into the floor, but that's it.

In looking at manufacturers websites for TVs, the only one that appears to be available is the series from samsung, the FT-P5094W and FT-P5894W. Since this isn't the critical viewing monitor in the house, it's not important that it be the absolute best picture quality on the planet right now. As long as it's decent, it'll work. But the ability to pass the video and audio from a cable box, DVD player, etc. without wires is mandatory.

Are there any other options on the market right now besides these Samsung sets? Is there an external device available not tied to any TV manufacturer that does the same thing (i.e. takes in HDMI, transmits it wirelessly, and has a receiver unit that I can place beside the TV to convert back to HDMI)?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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