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Thanks in advance for taking a look and adding your 2c...

I've been using BT730 for a few years and after being idle for a week during a renovation project, it will no longer power up; just clicks when pressing the power or open/close buttons. I am doing research for speakers, receiver and Blu-Ray player to replace it; ready for an upgrade.

System is for roughly 13'D x 15'W seating area in an open floor plan house (12' ceiling)
Display is 56" Panasonic Plasma
Chromecast for Netflix, streaming music, other online content, etc.
Emphasis is movies; when music is on, it's usually background during meals or meal prep.
Budget is $1200'ish

Been casually looking at Marantz 1605; on-board bells and whistles aren't as important given chromecast.
Saw the Pioneer SP-PK52FS in the surround sound speaker package guide; OOS at Newegg. Other suggestions welcome.
No idea what to look for in a BD player.

Ideas/suggestions I should put in the mix?

I'll keep searching/reading, however I wanted to get a head start getting some input on current offerings.

Thanks again,

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