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optoma 719 and best buy = happy!!

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I had the 716 ( 800 X 600) and was not too happy while using for gaming ( X360)

took it back and got the 719( 1024 X 768) + 3 year warranty INCLUDING bulb replacement from BB and what a difference playing in 720p. Pure joy!! Also has a DVI input for the HD cable and i'm now set for quite a while! not to mention piece of mind with the warranty.

Thanks to the posters here ( been reading for a while but just registered) for providing so much info!!
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Marlee, I am considering the 719 too. Also weighing it against the Sharp xr-10x. Any other info you can give me would be great. Perhaps I will go to BB and see if they offer the same deal here.
All I can say is after having the 716 for a few days -I was happy but not wowed- it is an 800x 600 pj theat looks good but not great. Took it back and got the 719 and I have that WOW!!! factor in full swing!

The 719 has a native resolution of 1024x 768 so it puts out a very nice 720p signal ( I use it for the xbox 360 and it looks great!) also the 719 has a DVI input for the hd cable/sattelite and has the Dark Chip 2 - I had the choice between the 719 and the 739 ( with a $500 difference, mind you ) and upon closer inspection the 719 won out hands down!

Go check it out with the warranty ( I was told that they started covering the bulbs as well about 6 months ago) it was a no brainer !!!
Well, Marlee, I checked out BB and they did not offer the same perks as you. Only a 1 yr warranty and no bulb replacement. I was disappointed. I went day before New Years. Obviously, the different regions and stores offer different promotions.

Good for you though!
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