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Optoma (DS-9106PM) Vs Infocus (SC-MANGRY-106H)

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hi there,

I would like to know which of these two screen is better when playing xbox360 on a ScreenPlay5000.

My room had windows with Dark curtains and white walls. When everything is closed, it is pertty much dark in the room.

Optoma: Panoview GrayWolf DS-9106PM Manual Pull Down Projector Screen, 106-inch


Infocus: Manual Pull Down Screen: 106" Diagonal, 16x9 HDTV format, Gray

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I don't have any answers for you (and I look forward to seeing the responses to this topic as I was previously unaware of the InFocus screen), but the GrayWolf is retro-reflective (reflects back toward the light source) whereas the InFocus is probably not, so for anyone to answer your question, they'll need to know where your projector is mounted in relation to the screen.
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