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Optoma DV-10 90"+ 420p vs. 30-40" 720p/1080i LCD HDTV

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I'm debating whether to get the Optoma DV-10 420p projector w/ free screen and subwoofer for 90"+ images or the Olevia 32" LCD w/ guaranteed HD-quality (720p, 1080i).... I really don't know what to do!!!

I just moved out of a house w/ a 42" Westinghouse HDTV --- not sure what to do now, but would like SOMETHING good to play my Wii and Xbox 360 on and to watch movies (High-def at some point) on.

Can anyone describe the image quality of the Optoma DV-10 vs. a decent 30-40" HDTV? What would be the better bet??
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As long as you sit back about 10 to 12 feet from the screen, a 480p PJ will look very good!

It all depends on you. Do you have 10 to 12 feet? Can you control the room lighting? Do you have a decent surround sound system?
I've got the surround system and Yamaha receiver --- I'm just nervous about:

1) Lighting issues

2) Bulb burnouts

3) Having TV, Xbox360 games and DVD or HD movies looking lower-quality than on a 720p or 1080i/p HDTV, like they do now on my current crapola 24"(?) Sony CRT

I guess I'm just wondering about how much I'll be losing out on quality for settling w/ the 420p PJ --- wondering how much pixelation/lower quality etc. will exist over the 720p and higher HDTVs.....
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An LCD panel will have more problems with pixelation and macroblocking than a PJ, but on a little 32" screen it might not be as noticeable.

You WILL have to have some moderate control over light in the room.

Bulb burnout is a greater concern for those who will be driving their PJs 7 days a week, several hours a day.

For about $300 more, you can get the same package with a 720p PJ from some of the alliance members.

I think you will find many happy 480p PJ users here who game and watch HD on them. The primary issue is screendoor effect and if you are 2X the screen width away from the screen, you should be fine.

I much prefer 90" from 10ft to 32" from 6ft.

I think the place offering the DV10 deal will allow you to return it before 15 or 30 days - you might want to check that and then test drive one.
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Of the two I would fefinitely get the optoma?

What is your price range? You might do better with an Infocus IN72, a home made screen, and a cheap sound system.
Thanks for the feed back, guys --- my price range is definitely under $1000 for now, and I'm eyeing the upcoming Sunday-Monday sale at Circuit City on the DV-10 ($499 after instore rebates + free screen and subwoofer)

How big of a difference in quality would the HD-70 be over the DV-10? Is the HD-70 a much better unit? Worth the ~$300-400 more?

$499 + free screen and sub seems like a hell of a deal, but only if the quality isn't going to lack significantly and make me wish I purchased the HD70 or HD72 in a year or two.

For the record, I'll probably upgrade again in ~2-5 years.
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