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I have never had any issues with my Optoma GT750 projector until recently. Then after about 3 years of ownership I noticed the lamp had burned out. When I opened it up I noticed it had actually exploded let alone burning out as pieces were everywhere. The lights on the projector indicated the fan had stopped working too. I ordered a replacement on eBay and that lasted about 5 hours and then poof same thing. Ordered another one and after 3 days, same thing. When I had it opened I noticed that the fan is still spinning however. I don't know if glass inside of it is blocking it from spinning after a while? I really want a working projector as I have nothing watch things on now except my 15" notebook. I just noticed BHPhotoVideo has the Benq MH630 for $469. I'm aware of the color wheel being 2x so it might have rainbow effect or dark colors but the spec difference is as follows...

10000 CR vs 3000
3000 lumens vs 2500
1080p vs 720p native

I would use this primarily to watch TV, movies, sports, gaming, but also data entry and programming potentially.
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