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Optoma HD131xe will not turn on

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I only use this for football games so it has been off for several month. I tried turning it on and all I get is the blinking green light. I unplugged the power and waited several minutes but the results were the same. It has very few hours of use. Any suggestions? Is it worth fixing? Thanks, Mitch
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It depends on your skill level. First check the manual and see what the flashing green light means. Electronics on a whole don't do well from lack of use especially if the humidity is ether high or low. Moisture creeps into contacts and oxidizes them causing poor connections. Possible disassembling and reseating all the delicate connectors may possibly fix your issue. Taking it to a professional or BenQ is most likely too expensive to make it worth it.
Thanks, flashing green light means it is warming up, but after 30 minutes it should lite up. Your right it is not worth taking it in. I am looking for a female to female serial cable at work tomorrow to see if I can access the menu, if not I will inspect the bulb and see if there are any loose connections. It was a good projector with a nice picture. Great to watch sport games on a 92" screen
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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