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Optoma HD151x plus WHD200 - trouble with connecting devices

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Hi there,
I'm using a Optoma HD151x and the WHD200 HDMI wireless kit.
The EHD200 HDMI receiver is connected to the usb power plug of the HD151x - and everywhere is mentioned that this should work fine, but it doesn't.

The problem is, when I power on the HD151x sometimes the WHD200 reiceiver powers on also, but sometimes not. If not, I've to unplug the HDMI Cable from the receiver, immediately the receiver gets power. But this means to use a ladder to get to the HD151x under the roof - not what I'm planning to do regularly.

Does anyone have an idea what can solve this?

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Why not get a USB power adapter and plug the receiver directly into a power source that is on all the time? This way the receiver will always be working?

You can also buy ANY HDMI wireless solution from any manufacturer and try that instead. There is no reason that you must use the WHD200 unit. Look for any unit that has good reviews.
That would be possible, but I do not want to have a second cable at the roof, it looks already messy enough with one power cable plus hdmi plus usb cable.
It already worked out twice for any magic - pressed power button for HD151x and receiver got power - , and now I'm chasing for the trick that it works reliable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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