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I am having issues with my recent home theater setup. I have an optoma hd20 projector with a cat 2 hdmi cable running to a yamaha rx-v661. Out of the first input I have an hdmi cable running to my samsung smt-h3270 dvr. When I change between hd and non hd channels the picture distorts. Sometimes I lose all picture and other times the picture will blow up so I only get the upper left corner of the channel taking up the whole screen. Also when watching anything on the dvr the picture is blank.

I was also having trouble with the picture quality of xbox and ps3 out of the other input to the receiver going through a splitter. I would get Red dots in spots that I should have blacks. I changed to the cat 2 and this problem seems to have been fixed but if there is any other tips on this please let me know.

I have run hdmi cat 2 directly from the projector to the dvr cable box and still had the same display issue so I am leaning towards it being an issue on the cable box. I am open to suggestions, tips or troubleshooting ideas. Please help!
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