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As this is my first post on this forum I would like to say Hello to Everybody !

I have been reading this forum for a couple of months now in order to find my dream TV. When I thougt that I'm sure that I want to buy a Panasonic P50ST60E plasma, then I found a whole different world....a projection world
So the time has passed and many threads must have been read. Now I'm almost 100% sure to buy Optoma HD131X projector, but one major thing bothers me and I can't find any real answer for this.

I have a room in the attic so it gets quite hot in the summer days. I know that plasmas generate a lot of heat but projector will generate probably even more and it will be right above my head. So my question : is this really true ? or does projector produce similar amount of heat to plasma ? The temperatures in my attic reach about 35C in the hottest days, and average temps are 25-30C. Will I be okay with projector or will I fry up ?
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