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Hello friends, i bought a OptomaHD29 a few months ago and iam having a issue, iam getting a few blue dots blinking randomly on the screen (as you see in the video), started randomly on darker scenes, 3~4 months of light use.

Things i tried:
- 2 HDMI cables, a cheap one and a medium quality one. The first is old so iam not sure if its hdmi 1.4a(almost sure it isnt) but the other iam pretty sure it is.
- Tried on 3 computers, same problem on all of them.

More info on the problem:
- It does'nt happen at windows startup black screen.
- If i pause the movie/series on the screen that the problem happens, the blinking dots dont stop.
- If i use the MHL hdmi port it gets 2x~3x worst.

Hopefully someone can help me because i wont be able to return for fixing, i might be able to fix here in Brazil, but i need at least guidance as i'am a noob with projectors.

I have a video of the problem but i can't post, so if you have any idea and want to confirm i can send it to you.

English is not my mother tongue, please excuse any errors on my part, feel free to correct me.

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