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hd70 color wheel flicker


I recently registered for the sole purpose of this post. I enjoy this forum and read it allot. I had a sp4805 for years and now have the optoma hd70. it developed the flicker issue so i researched and did the cleaning reinstalled the projector and it did NOT fix the problem. So I ordered a color wheel from optoma 59 bucks plus shipping. In the mean time i though i would take the color wheel out and have it ready for when the new one arrived. so I took the color wheel out and since my first cleaning I did not remove the wheel I thought I would thoroughly clean the wheel and the sensor on the drum of the wheel. The point of this post is that attached to the color wheel is a photo voltaech? sensor eyes, two of the little eyes that read the sensor on the drum. I took compressed air and blew inside the motor drum and the little eyes on the photo thing, I also pulled the fan out of the little rubber holder that cools the bulb, the smaller fan not the big fan, and blew the bearings and the wheel itself out with air. I did NOT see allot of dust on iether of these pieces however I reinstalled the old wheel and put the projector back together and it has been running without a glitch for going on 8 hours all together. Moral of the story if you have this problem pull the color wheel and use compress air and clean all of it and the sensor eyes attached even if they look clean, it fixed my problem. I went through the whole deal including using exterior fans to cool unit etc... I wanted to help people who have this problem even after they clean thier projectors. You have to go further and pull the wheel and take of the photo eyes attached to the wheel and clean them too.
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