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:mad: Let's make a recapon the OFFSET issue with HD 70 .

The constructor is annoncing a 33% offset , sometimes a 35% .I read also that someone measured a 23.9% offset .Since the OFFSET is critical for a lot of us , I'm proposing to have a dedicated thread for that .

So , if YOU KNOW about THE REAL OFFSET , please post your measurement HERE .

Don't post if you THINK you know .

thank you for you reply
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mine sits on the floor when used.

To center of pj lens = 2.5" off the floor

bottom of screen = 27.5" off the floor

top of screen = 79.5" off the floor

106" diag at aprox 15' from pj :D
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So Mowerman, it looks like about 50% of screen heigth or 25% of screen diagonal would give the offset, correct?

Seems like an excessive offset for most of us with standard 8ft ceilings.
at 50% , there is not many of us who can install it below the ceiling . Tjhis is in contradiction with the 33% and the 23.9% found elsewhere .**** . I guess I will have to buy it and try.

Just wondering if you are at the far end or close end of zoom? There is a possibility of cutting a few more inches if the pj can still be placed closer.

Amdsoo is right I think you have to have the machine to be certain.

Then again, these numbers are closer to the manual than what people are saying. I think if you take the numbers off the manual directly, it is around 40% or more. Of course the manual could be wrong....

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stanley (just a guess on your name) 50% is correct. Right now the top of my picture is aprox. 22" from the ceiling (8 ft. ceiling). It is doable from the ceiling.

amdsoo: Yuo wont regret the purchase. Watched Lost last night and man was i impressed watched a little of the MLB playoffs and some discovery HD the picture was alot better than I thought it was going to be. My old pj was a Sharp PG A10-X w/ XGA resolution. Being able to run 16:9 with no black bars is pretty sweet.

jojosdad: I am at the close end of the zoom. Heard you sacrafice contrast but gain brightness by going full zoom. This PJ is plenty bright enough
Offset may vary depending on zoom so it could be 33% at 1.20X zoom where PJ is closest to screen (brightest or brightest blacks) or 50% at 1.0X zoom where PJ is furthest from screen (less bright but better blacks). In otherwords, the image will appear higher off the ground the further back the PJ which makes sense. This is why Projector Central said 33% (confirmed by others on the main HD70 thread) while mowerman said 50% as his unit is at 1.0X zoom.
What options are available if the image offset of the HD70 is too great? Using the Optoma image offset formula, looks like offset will be 23.28" in my situation (163" lens-to-screen). Its a ceiling mount setup, with the projector lens 6" below the ceiling and top of screen is 18" below the ceiling, giving me an actual lens-to-screen offset of 12" at 163". Can I compensate for this 11" difference somehow? For instance, can I physically angle the projector up a bit, then correct the image with a keystone adjustment? Or is the HD70 just not a suitable projector for my situation? Thanks!
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