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I have an Optoma HD700X (same thing as a HD65 as far as I know) with the 3D firmware update from Optoma. My PC runs a GTX 560Ti, Windows 7 x64 . I was going to order a pair of cheap shutter shades from e-bay and try to get some 3D going, but would like to get the software set up first.

I have been reading this forum and others but I'm still struggling to find the best way to get 3D output. I thought someone here might be able to advise. Now, as far as I can tell I have a few options:

- The Russian Nvidia 3D adapter emulator, which unfortunately breaks down with the newest Nvidia drivers

- The iz3d driver

- TriDef 3D drivers

Could you suggest which option is the best for an occasional 3D movie and gaming? As far as I can see I need checkerboard output, which seems to be supported by iz3d but not TriDef. There's some mention on their forums of iz3d not working with recent nvidia drivers and DX10/11 games.

I managed to get the 3d vision emulator driver running with an older driver version but still struggled to get the projector to output 3D. With HDMI, the closest I got was a top-and-bottom double image and with VGA I couldn't force a 120Hz output. In both cases the projector seemed to disable the 3D-DLP option in it's menu. Does anyone have experience with similar kit and know how I could go about this?
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