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Hello everyone,

i was reading a lot in this forums and find many good advises but couldn't find much about the two projektors from the topic.

I want to buy a Projektor and this will be my first one, but i can not diside between the HD73 and the HD75. The HD73 is a used one, but only with 30h lamplife and will cost 700 Euro, the HD 75 is a new one for 790 euro. Did anyone see both of them and can compare the picture quality and contrast of them.

I know all the technical data, but never seen them working so it would be nice when someone can compare both of them. There are many good reviews about the HD73 but one about the HD75, but this one seems to have also good statistics. I have to make the dicision tomorow, please help me anyone.

sorry for my crappy Englich, i'm from germany
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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