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Optoma HD81lv - good screen for ambient light rejection

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I have a ceiling mounted Optoma HD-81lv with a 1.0 gain white screen. The Optoma is very bright at 2500 lumens. Despite the brightness of the projector, with ceiling can lights or during the day when light is coming through the tall side windows, the picture is fairly washed out. While I expected this, I am hoping that there is a screen that can substantially improve the image in the presence of this ambient light, but that will also work well for lights-off movie watching.

I ran the screen gain calculator provided in this forum on the Stewart Firehawk G3 as well as the Da-Lite highpower, given what I read on this forum about these screens' ability to reject ambient light. Since my projector is ceiling mounted (and I have an 8.5 foot ceiling), I had assumed that the Stewart would give me a much better result. Oddly, according to the calculator, the HP is coming in at 1.27 gain center, 1.29 left and right seating positions, whereas the FH G3 is coming in at 1.15 gain center, and .63 gain left/right. According to this calculator, the HP will provide a brighter image, even though the projector is ceiling mounted. While substantially less than the potential 2.8 gain, 1.27 is still quite good especially given how bright my projector is already. But then I wonder about ambient light rejection from the HP in this scenario - i.e. will the fact that I am not getting a high gain on the projector mean that the HP isn't able to reject as much ambient light, resulting in a more washed out image? I am guessing yes, but I would be interested in hearing from experts on this forum, and suggestions for a good screen for my scenario. I can provide more detail if that would be helpful.

Thanks for any help.
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