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Optoma HD8600 vs. Benq W7000

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I have the opportunity to get one of those, which is better according to your knowledge...black levels, sharpness, every image aspect, any info will be much appreciated.
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There's a place in Canada that sells the Optoma HD8600 at a good price! Unless you're into 3D, I would spring for the HD8600. It will have better black levels and color.
yeah, consignia.ca, thats where im about to buy it, but i saw the W7000 for 1999 in amazon, and according to projectorreviews.com, its a blast, so now i have a doubt, thanks for the info bro.
Wow, i tought the support or help from the experts here would be better, not even more than one answer, thanks anyway.
is the BENQ W7000 even sharper than the Optoma HD8600?

Originally Posted by waltergaitan  /t/1415006/optoma-hd8600-vs-benq-w7000#post_22126693

is the BENQ W7000 even sharper than the Optoma HD8600?

It will be more of a toss up. Both of these projectors are known for sharpness. The Optoma HD8600 was marketed in a higher class than the Benq w7000. The Optoma uses a Darkchip3 vs the Darkchip 2 used in the Benq.

Both are great projectors. One is better at 2D and the other has 3D. The Optoma has a dual Iris, which will allow you to squeeze more contrast/black levels out of the image.

The Optoma comes with a two year warranty, the Benq 1 year warranty.
thank u joesyah, if it is up to u, which one would u prefer?...on the same price.

Originally Posted by waltergaitan  /t/1415006/optoma-hd8600-vs-benq-w7000#post_22126802

thank u joesyah, if it is up to u, which one would u prefer?...on the same price.

Well Walter I'm more of a 2D guy and favor better contrast/ black levels over 3D. So for me the Optoma would be my choice of the two..

You know there is a JVC HD250 on Ebay right now in the same price range for sale by JVC. I sent you the link.

What do you plan to use the projector for? Movies, Sports, video games?
What do you use now for your movies,sports and games? Have you considered what size screen you will use?
Like 110..., i watch a lot of sports, A LOT!!!, many movies, but no as much as sports and videogames only the weekends.

Originally Posted by waltergaitan  /t/1415006/optoma-hd8600-vs-benq-w7000#post_22126967

Like 110..., i watch a lot of sports, A LOT!!!, many movies, but no as much as sports and videogames only the weekends.

If you're a big sports fan, then go with the 8600. Do you know if you're RBE sensitive or not? This is something that affects certain individuals when watching DLPs with color wheels. Not everyone is bothered by it though.

Some of us see flashes of colors during high contrast scenes. The HD8600 would be a good medium between the JVC HD250 and the W7000. It gives better black levels /contrast than the w7000 and better motion for sports than the JVC.

The 8600 has a faster color wheel speed than the w7000. This will help with the RBE.
so the HD8600 is one of the best dlp around?...
At this price it is! I like the Infocus SP8602 a lot. Unfortunately, they aren't made any more. You also have the refurb Epson 8700s on visual apex. The Epson is an LCD projector. It has frame interpolation to help with sports.

Here's another one to look at http://www.projectorpeople.com/projectors/projdtls.asp?itemid=25373&itmname=LG+Electronics+CF181D . It's a light cannon, contrast should be about the same as the w7000. Just throwing some suggestions out there in the price range you're looking.
Hi guys.

Interesting thread, as I have also been offered a 2D high-end Optoma, not the HD8600, but the refined HD87 model. This I can have at 2/3 of the price of a JVC X30.

For me, it will be 90% movies, rest will be mixed games, TV, some sports when there is euro cup and world cup in soccer - so I am not sure how much I will get from DLP motion performance for just movies...

Originally Posted by waltergaitan  /t/1415006/optoma-hd8600-vs-benq-w7000/0_100#post_22133584

How much webmonkey?

How much what? :)

I can get the Hd87 (the further pimped up HD8600) for 2448$ US at current exchange rates

The JVC X30 goes for min. 3715$ here - without emitter and glasses.

The W7000 is 2871$ here including 2 pair of glasses

- for about 180$ more, there is the Optoma HD83(00).... without emitter and glasses, but they are much cheaper than say JVC stuff

Epson TW9000 (aka. 5010) is 3377$ incl. 2 pair of glasses. (and 3884$ for the wireless HDMI version)
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i know the H8600 is a much higher end unit, but it is also a 3 year old technology, how does that compares to the technology were seeing in 2012, thanks.
can someone please help me with the last question, i dont want to make a mistake.
The hd8600 is superior image wise, it is using a higher contrast setup.

Technology on DLP for 2D has been going backwards. The manufacturers had to reduce contrast because of brightness increases in 3D. The Optoma even has a higher Dark Chip version than the Benq (Benq has DC2, Optoma DC3). The newer projectors are often brighter however.

Therefore, the older 2D DLP projectors produce better images than newer 3D DLP's. The hd8600 was also a much more expensive projector than the Benq w7000 comparing new to new.
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