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Ordered Pearl from Jason- Concerned about "light spill"

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I ordered the Sony Pearl from Jason Turk last week. I had read on this forum about this projectors "light spill" but am now worried about it after reading the review in Widescreen Review magazine today. The reviewer said that on his screen there was a 2 inch border around the image and a slightly dimmer light spill 6 inches around this. I have a 80" wide DaLite screen with beveled Cinema contour frame. The frame has their light absorbing black material applied. I zoomed out my BenQ projector 2" today using a full field grey test pattern. I noticed that the frame lit up quite a bit when doing this. The screen wall is covered in black velvet but I have 3 black speakers on stands under the screen so I am concerned that they will light up as well in the darkened room. Is the "light spill" very bright or is it pretty dim? Does it have a color to it? Also, do you think it will be visible or distracting on my setup?

I sure hope I didn't make a mistake in purchasing this projector

Thanks for any and all input and opinions!

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Please, let us know once you receive it and set it up if the light spill is distracting.
Hi Tom

I own the Ruby. The Ruby has a 4" boarder/light spill like the old JVC Dilas.

Your screens black boarder will absorb this and you will never see it.

Of all the Sony's that have shipped both Ruby and Pearl I do not think anyone has returned one for that reason.

If you will not be using a screen with a black boarder then it may be a concern.
the light spill on (one of)my Pearl(s) is annoying, but of all the possible issues associated with LCoS or this projector specifically, it is probably the least bothersome, and easiest to address.

you can make a 'mask' out of cardboard to black this and tape it to the pj if it is ceiling mounted, or make it self standing if you have it on a table.

I have pictures in one of these threads of the extent of the light spill I'm getting on my unit, along with the shield I made.
2nd what's said here. With a light absorbing screen border this was a non-issue for me.
I have a DIY border that's painted flat black, and only 3/4" wide on the top and bottom, and I never see any distracting light spill....
I did not notice the light spill until I read about it here. It is a non-issue.
Good to hear other Pearl owners not having issue with this and I hope you don't either Tom but please do report back here with your observations. I am in communication with Jason right now to purchase a Pearl and I have a 110" screen with a black velvet frame.

Thanks for all of the feedback guys!

My Dalite frame has black light absorbing material applied to it from Dalite. Hopefully, I will have no problems with like most of you. I will report back my findings when I receive delivery.

I had none around the screen at all I did have a little on the ceiling just above the projector but now that the ceiling is black I do not see it at all. These are better than the scary stories you here on the forum. Do not worry about it not to mention Jason is a great guy and will help out if needed.

I have seen the Pearl and the Ruby and never noticed any light spill. If there is any, its nominal
No light spill concern on my Pearl on a DaLite screen with black felt border. One pixel misconvergence of the red to the left is my only problem.
There is light spill with the Pearl *way* beyond the borders of the screen. There are actually a few alternating light and dark bands. If your screen wall is black you shouldn't notice it, but mine is only a medium shade and the light spill is very easy to see.

I tried to take a picture of it here, but the human eye is so much more sensitive than the camera that this really doesn't do it justice. I needed to use a long exposure, high ISO, and boost the levels so you could see it in the picture.


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If the light spill on my Pearl is that bad I will be having serious buyers remorse. All walls and ceiling in my tiny one man movie room are covered in black velvet. The carpet is jet black also. Any light other than what is on screen will stand out like a sore thumb in this room. My 3 speakers and stands under my screen are also covered in black velvet and are not visable at all with my BenQ. The top edge of them is right at the bottom of the frame. I'm afraid that their black grills are going to light up like Christmas trees totally spoiling the "no speakers visible" affect I am now getting. If I had seen this picture before ordering the Pearl I would have waited and spent the extra cash on the JVS RS-1. According to FedEx, the Pearl will arrive on Monday. This is going to be one long weekend of worry. It really sucks not being able to demo this projector because of livng in a crappy little state like Montana.

Is it possible that some Pearls have more light spill than others? Also, does the brightness of this spill increase and decreased based on the on screen image say a night scene versus a sunny outdoor scene?

Thanks to Steve for posting this picture. It was very kind of you going to all the trouble to do so.

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Tom, try to calm down. I have the Pearl and my wall is covered in black as well. My center channel speaker is mounted right below the screens black border. It is finished in cherry and I have zero problems with light spill illuminating the speaker. I have nver noticed any light spill on my setup.

I am sure you will be just fine and very happy with your new projector.

I have absolutly none I can put a white paper next to the screen and not see any light mine just had a slight bit just above and in front of the projector on the ceiling that is now gone with the black ceiling. That pic would have caused me to return it.

Perhaps this can vary from unit to unit, like many of the typical LCD/SXRD issues such as panel mis-convergence.

Steve, you need to return your projector.

Tom, make sure to report back.
You guys understand the picture right? This is a very long exposure, and the bright white you see on the screen itself corresponds to the black level of the Pearl. It doesn't really look like that to the naked eye, but the light spill is definitely visible because the human eye is vastly more sensitive than any camera.

If you have black velvet walls I'm pretty sure you wouldn't see it. I can't see anything on the black velvet border of my Carada screen. But on my walls (which are a sort of a medium brown color) it's very easy to see on a fade to black. I read from other Pearl owners who described it the same way before I even bought mine. You can probably find their posts if you search the forum.


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