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This is a question for the pro guys that have worked with the Orion PDP's. We have a client with a 3X3 Orion video wall, controlled by a Crestron AV2 and video switched thru an Extron 16X16 Component switcher. We are experiencing problems with the wall scaling properly. We are inputing into the Orion using the Component inputs on the HD configuration of the software. The sources are 6 X Bell Expressu 6100 HD receivers.

This has been working since installation 6 months ago. In the evening generally is when the problems start. When switching from a 3X3 screen to a 2X2 as an example, the screens will dim out, won't scale, won't show any video and so on. There is no consistency as to the problems other than it happens usually in the evening which leads me to believe that there may be an overheating issue or a processer faillure in the Orion processor (s).

Any help would be appreciated as the distributor is not very helpful.

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