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Hello Mac users:

Well, it has been a long time coming but I’m pleased to announce a new all-in-one installer for MythTV 0.28 on OS X (aka macOS). This one is really a big step forward for new users: no more Terminal commands required!

Myth is the ultimate digital video recorder. Think of it as a free and open source alternative to Windows Media Center or Tivo.

Myth on OS X works primarily with HDHomerun tuners from Silicondust.

What's changed?
+ up-to-date version of MythTV 0.28.1 from the Fixes-0.28 branch.
+ install process simplified--no more Terminal commands required to get the database up and running!!
+ WebFrontend -- check out the initial version of the planned replacement for MythWeb
+ lots of pesky little things (like fonts) are fixed.
- Now requires OS X version 10.9 or later.


As usual, the installer (built with MacPorts) provides everything for a self-contained Mac-based system:
-backend and database (MariaDB)
-frontend (including selected plugins)
-Perl, Python and PHP bindings
-Both WebFrontend and MythWeb, for accessing and controlling your Myth system via a web browser
-all the support programs and packages to make everything 'just work'!

Updated instructions are at:


Enjoy! Please post with any problems or issues on the OS X forum:



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I have been using eyeTV 3 for years with my HDHomeRun. Is MythTV better?
(Sorry for the length, but you asked!)

Myth is different--"better" is in the eye of the beholder!

EyeTV is more about being able to watch TV on your Mac, maybe while you do something else.

MythTV is designed to run on a dedicated box, 24/7, recording stuff you _might_ want to watch. You set up a bunch of recording rules like:

-episodes of The Honeymooners that I haven't seen before, regardless of what channel or airtime.
-last night's news broadcast from a particular channel (mark older recordings for deletion whether watched or not).
-any movie with AND NOT ;)
-etc, etc. Very flexible, numerous options.

Myth can do commercial flagging on recordings, as they record, and, during playback, either just notify you or actually skip. Comm-flagging isn't 100% so it can miss some and sometimes jumps too far. Easy to skip 30 seconds at a time, though. Can also transcode recordings to other formats, optionally cutting out commercials.

When you do have some time, you browse your recordings and choose what you want to watch. As noted, skip commercials. You can also playback faster or slower than real time. Talk shows or documentaries are often fine at 20% faster than real time. When done, normally the recording is automatically marked for deletion. You can change that if, say, your wife wants to watch later.

Myth only deletes recordings when it runs out of space. For this reason, you normally dedicate one or more external drives to hold media. It is recommended that you NOT record to the boot drive unless you change the setting to keep a LOT of free space on the drive.

Oh, your media can also include ripped movies or other video. There is a video manager with metadata that lets you organize your favourite movies, classic TV series, kid's piano recitals, etc.

Myth has a client-server design. One machine can run both the backend (the background program that handles recording duties) and the frontend (the user interface for setting up recording rules, watching stuff, etc).. But you can also have other Macs running the frontend and accessing all of the media on the backend. The frontend isn't very 'Mac-like'. It is designed to be operated from 10 feet away with a remote control--even the old gum stick remote that came with various Mac models. But arrow keys and whatnot work fine.

There are a few screenshots at the SourceForge link.

There is also a frontend client for the Apple TV 4 but I dont' have any experience with it.

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