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OSD screen fading in and out - vsx 1015

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Hi Guys,

After a lot of debating and a lot of helpful reviews from here, i finally bit the bullet and picked the 1015 with the micras.So lets just say all ive done last week is fiddle with this and the speakers :D and i must say im really happy!!

Something that concerns me and i just noticed this. Im hoping someone could tell me what the problem may be:

I have the 1015 hooked to my lcda5u aqous via a composite cable and this evening while running the auto mcacc, i noticed that the tv keeps blinking - sort a quick fade in and out..continously. Ive noticed this just on the input to which the reciever is connected

another concern was skipping sound from my Scientific Atlanta STB connected via a optical cable (brand name cable - acoustic research cables)

I have my xbox 360 connected via the optical (same brand cables) and dont seem to notice any skipping

I appreciate all te help guys :)

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After some more testing, I realised that the blinking in and out is actually the lcd backlight, so it seems a like a tv issue. :eek:

But the skipping of the sound still happens.Anyone else notice this ? It happens at random times and i guessing its the cable or the connection but ive checked both and they seem ok

Any guesses
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