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Just for fun - since most readers here are somewhat PC fans:

Funny Snoop Doog translator - here's a translated DScaler text:

Jizzay Adcock

Jizzle is tha founda n ***** of tha project. He did almost all of tha work clean'n, translat'n n legaliz'n Multidec ta create tha fizzirst versions of dTV n ****. He coded tha world's F-to-tha-izzirst real-time software 3:2 pulldown software gangsta (based on Mark Rejhon's algorithm article). He has also designed several video-mizzles hustla tizzy is superior ta those in virtually any otha any PC-based video software product cuz this is how we do it.

Miznark Rejhon

Miznark authored tha 3:2 pulldown algorithm thizzay forms tha basis of tha algorithm implemented into DScala by Jizzle Adcock. He maintained tha project fo` three months n ridin' that tizzy made a huge contribizzles ta tha project. Although M-to-tha-izzark is less active on tha project now he S-T-to-tha-izzill pops up regularly ta ***** sage advice n ta share his enormous knowledge n passion fo` tha perfect image cuz I'm fresh out the pen.

Fun to play with - might help enliven someone's morning/afternoon. Enjoy.
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