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OT: good time to let ur RTV be a camel and go to some concerts

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The weather is great and there's alot of aging bands around for aging crowds.

Last week I saw The General Public, The Fixx, BERLIN, and The psycodelic Furs in San Pedro in L.A. at a new place called 'On the Waterfront'. Little did I know it was the first concert played there. L.A. Mayor Hanh said a few words before the concert.

Financial maters:

We were running out of time so we stopped at a greasy spoon and got a big burger each dining in. We were short on time so we asked for a 44 oz foam cup of ice and poured a bottle of wine into it and drank it with the burgers. Good thing too. I didn't feel any indigestion from the burger at all and it sent us low cruising tippsy for most of the concert. They have 'margaretas' at the concert, we had one, but the things are mostly sugar. The wine was a goood thing. Later I just bought a capacino at the concert for $3? and a few $2 waters. Didn't need buy their bizarre $8 notion of 'fajatas' or similar things. The concert cost $35 per a ticket.

The place:

'On the Waterfront' is located right beside massive shipping docks in San Pedro. Across a bridge is Long Beach.


(ship not included)

The concert, strangly, started at about 6:30, about an hour and a quarter hours before sundown. After sitting about 20 min in direct sunlight and wondering what kinda concert started in the day. The sun was fine, but I wondered how I'd be feeling in an hour with the sun still not down. Mayor hahn did his little jazzy speach saying he was going to put more money in the area. After he left the 'L.A. Fireboat 2' appeared in the waterway to our right and came towards us. This guy:


L.A. Fireboat 2

and the 'L.A. Fireboat 2' started blowing water way high over the waterway a few football fields away. A ploom(sp) of cool air cruised over and engulfed the crowd . The air was cooled much like those fine water sprayers put outside some businesses, disneyland, ect.


It looked like this but the the sprayers moved around alot and sprayed more upward

Strangely, again, as the L.A. Fireboat erupted its sprays it drew from right to left as cruised past us a big ass rainbow . I say drew because at first you could only see the right low corner of the rainbow, then half way through the ships cruise path I could see the right half of the rainbow and not the left. It drew the whole rainbow in the end. Poor band General Public. As they were playing as many people were turned to the Fireboat as watching them.

I didn't know this was going to turn into a diatribe(sp), btw.

The General Public played. they were soso. Then the Fixx started playing 15 min before sundown.

Before sundown the place had the feel of a county fair, the fixx was playing to an audience that resembled a movie theator audience. After the sun went down, the fixx still playing, the crowd became very lively. Night and Day.

The Fixx was great, my second favorite. There songs were solid and well crafted retaining the tightness of their studio recordings. Nothing old about the singers voice or band's playing. Great show

Now Berlin, rocked. Berlin is the single reason why we went to the concert. It was just the diva girl lead singer Terri Nun, who looks great, sounds great and still has the killer attitude needed that remained. The other band members have been replaced by young punks. It's good to see that some of these young punks can do something constructive with their lives like joining Berlin.

The concert closed with The Psychodelic Furs. Unfortunately there seemed to be sound problems. They were extremely loud and distorted. After about 4 songs we left and heard most of the remaining songs on the way to the bus that took us back to our car. Liz said just before they started playing the drummer looked really pissed and was arguing with the sound guys. Too bad. They were supposed to be the main band of the night and I couldn't tell you how well they did. Turning back and looking towards the concert at night was stunning with the indirectly lit bridge and heavy industrial shipping cranes.

All dried out from the coffee we went home.


It's almost 1pm here now. I'm tempted to go to LA and see 'AC/DSHE' an all girl band tributing AC/DC for $8!!. They have some video clips on their web page: http://www.acdshe.com/shows.htm look near teh botom for the clips. Also check out their gallery Grin.

I've also might see "Deadman's Party", an Oingo Boingo tribute band that origianlly meant only to play on Halloweens but started to play about once a month.

They play June 12 in San Diego, Mission Beach.

And Howard Jones is playing acousticly in san juan capistrno 'The Coach House' in early june.

Now bands play all over the place these days so if you live somewhere else just look em up. Bands seem to play in europe and america like they are a state away.

The weather is great and there's alot of old bands around right now.
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screw it, I'm going to the AC/DShe show at 9pm. Hope they have a pinball machine!

Originally posted by icecow
The weather is great and there's alot of aging bands around for aging crowds.

Last week I saw The General Public, The Fixx, BERLIN, and The psycodelic Furs in San Pedro in L.A. at a new place called 'On the Waterfront'.
When I read the first line, I assumed the Stones must be getting ready to tour again, not quite figuring that bands like the Furs, etc are now also "aging" but I guess they are! Of course, I'm showing my age also with that comment! Has Blondie stopped by your neck of the woods yet?
I donno. Just looked up her web site

says she was around my area just a month ago. She juusst finished in dallas and is blowing off to europe for several months.


Nice pics...

Do they make the fireboat in a 12" model. It's cool!
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