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OT: Inspiration (or not)

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OK, off topic I know, but I did not get any work done in my theater this weekend, so I thought I would share. I went to Homearama outside of Charlotte this weekend. Basically it is seven McMansions that designers put together. I took a bunch of pictures of the AV/Tech stuff in the houses. I thought I would post some as possible inspiration for the DIY crowd. Yes, some of the stuff they had done, we all know better (ie, the-TV-above-the-fireplace-my-neck-hurts) than to do, but maybe color schemes and design ideas can be found within.

TV above the fireplace in a "guy's room"

Another flat panel in a wet bar. Wine cellar is behind the iron door.

A pool room with this cabinet. The big screen has various security cameras displayed. With 3 smaller screens above.

This is the same pool room with stairs leading up to the HT. The only media room with a PJ, which was a bummer.

Inside the theater

Same theater. The cabinet has the milk dud et al. The walls were painted with a paint that has shiny little pebble-looking things. The AV "expert" tried to explain that that was "sound proofing paint." I just said "what a cool idea," and moved on.

Same theater. The back wall. I think it was an Infocus projector.

More to come.
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A different media room with a retractable flat panel and two smaller panels.

Another TV above the fireplace

Another media room.

Another media room. This one had some sort of paintable speakers so that you could hear them, but could not see them.

This was the only media room with theater seating.

This is not a media room, but I thought the double rope light was pretty cool.

If anyone wants any more pictures of specific rooms, I may have some. Just let me know.
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Thanks for the shots. It's interesting to see what folks are doing with flat panels. I like the 'rise up out of the cabinet' flat panel.
Thanks for the pics, especially the ones of that GREAT football game back in January...
We'll, I can't say I'm a fan of the football game being shown, but thanks for the pics.

The sparkly nature of that paint would drive em crazy, but I guess it's worth it for the soundproofing benefits.

The first TV over the fireplace loks lowenough that it wouldn't be a nexk strain problem - except for the fact that it is directly to the right of the couch. I prefer to have the TV in front of me while I watch. I like the 3-screen setup - that would be perfect for New Years day and watching 3 bowl games at once.
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