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OT: New Ruby coming with better blacks, improved reliability

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Have you heard? They're already planning the replacement for the Ruby? It's said to have better blacks, higher reliability and is based on a technology that has a proven track record for decades....

I hacked Sony and found a picture...


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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hahaha. I take one and sell my Ruby that have 0 hours on it now :D
Cute photoshop :D

Makes me want to make that miniature CRT out of pocket tv parts that I've been thinking about. Like a 1/10th scale Marquee complete with a 8"x10" screen :)
This was suppose to be classified until Vince opened up his mouth... :rolleyes:
That's awesome!! :D

Very trick! :)
you need to post this on the over 35k digmon forum ,I bet someone will think that it's real. :D :) ;)
I didn't know you guys had a sense of humor. Oops, your mom is calling you from upstairs http://christmaschebacca.ytmnd.com/
so whats so good about the ruby? i thought this was a crt forum.........
It Still is the CRT Forum,

The bulb crowd has gotten tired of adjusting each others beliefs and have decided to try their brainwashing on us.

- in short it goes like this:

If you have not gotten a third bank load to buy the latest and greatest projector - you are wrong - we do not care what you say.

Something about on/off $hit and why life does not begin until 30ft/lamberts.

Digitals are like computers - you must toss the $8k POS you bought last year in the trash and buy the next $8k wonder bulb this year.

Rudy should have/have not its own forum.

Tryg (whatever) does not like screenshots/ thinks I doctored all mine

DarinP2 - Not even going there - I will refer to a professional grey shrink.

rinse - repeat.
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Pete, if you had one model shot, I'd say it's for real. But you have 100's and 100's.

Damn straight they are doctored!


BTW, when I emailed you about sending me larger pix, never mind. I realized that with the high res, I can just zoom in with my laptop and get myself whatever size shot I want. I was only playing it on my DVD player up until yesterday... DOH!

watch chebacca like a good little boy. now say after me... "crt bad, digital good"
How about



- Chewwy is cool......

all the models like his large hands.....
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Originally Posted by Z-Photo
Something about on/off $hit and why life does not begin until 30ft/lamberts.

Well, it is so funny that you don't care about on/off, one of the few things that CRT still have better than digital :D

I just am not going to get my panties in a Wad over it. Man that hurts. :eek:

I got a great story about this model and panties (or lack there of) :D

I do not take this stuff seriously - It is a fun hobby that I enjoy - I do not try and make money off it. I would bet that this attitude is not shared by all - some are more inclinded to be very serious about it. Not me..

well said.

I do not take this stuff seriously - It is a fun hobby that I enjoy

personally I'm happy that the digitals are coming along. I'll never get the ok to hang more than one crt at once, so if I want FP in another room it's a dig. anyway, we could all use more fun and less tit/tat lately.
oh no, trouble in paradise :eek:
Originally Posted by Tryg
oh no, trouble in paradise :eek:

What Tryg, no Ruby from Santa? Trolling the CRT forum for fun? ;)
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