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OT- Remember when the For Sale area was useful?

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Okay, so maybe the tittle is strong. But am I the only one who remembers when you could actually find things for sale from actual memembers? The sense of AVS comunity actually extended to that forum as well.

And you could actually find a good deal too.

Now it seems to be little more than a place for companies and dealers to spam their latest "sale." The ads are not even for a particular item in some cases, and just link to their general "plasma" TV page.

It is not uncommon to see adds in a row, with prices listed at lower than what it actually costs, just to drive you to their site, or call them for pricing. That's bull$hit if you ask me.

If they are going to allow dealers to list their stuff, it should be in a seperate section, from regular users.
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I couldn't agree more, everytime I visit over there I get disgusted with it.

Adam, it isn't overly strong. Its dead-on. Its a breeding ground for dealers, both new and mature. My biggest problem is when one or two dealers decide they need to push other people's ads down the list by posting the same ad 5-10 times. How this is goes unmoderate is beyond me, but it has served for me to not sell on that service, and also serves to inhibit me from buying from sellers (you folks listening?).
I was going to move this thread in the the feed back section where it belongs, but I will simply reply here and then close this thread.

THe Marketplace is operated by Videogon. It is something we little control over I am sorry to say. However, seeing it has not worked out as we had expected, we will be moving on to do something else all together.

You may recall you had to pay to even see the ads when we had it on the site. Even though we liked it that way for it meant we could offer special deals to members for it got around MAP pricing, some members did not like it so we moved to use Videogon were you can see and browse all the items.

Seeing that it is now flooded with sales from dealers and not so much a sales area for members, is one reason we are looking into other options. Though it may be another 6 to 8 weeks before we are ready.

Some changes coming in the next few months for AVS. Stay tuned.
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