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OT: Total Immersion or...

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Ok bear with me...

With the advent of the new Bone Phone technology.


Wouldnt it be sweet if Sony coupled this unusual surround sound technique in with its Glasstron specticles!


Add a 2 gigabyte memory card with a movie on it and blamo...

Home Theater on the fly!

With bone shattering bass:D
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Oh, I almost forgot one of the side benefits. You won't even need to buy those tranducers as the glasses should be rockin and rollin on your face. At least with Die Hard or Terminator.

I better patent this quick! Remember I invented it.

"SkullTheater" TM

"Being a numbskull has never been so heady"
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Tryg, just a slight improvement, it should be a body suite you wear to get the full effect. So when there is an explosion, for example, you feel it through your whole body and not just like a slap in the face.
Could hook to other attachments for "other" movies too. Bonephone indded.

resisting obvious next comment about body suit...resisting going there...not going to say it....must resist...

Oh, I thought it had something to do with a new type of antenna for your phone
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