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OTA 1080i/720P Decoding

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I am building a HTPC from an old computer I have. I want to make sure it will be able to play OTA 1080i/720P signals. Recording is not necessary.

This is what I have:

P4 1.4GHz or 1.8GHz



This is what I am adding to it:

6600GT AGP




Audigy 2 ZS

My question is, will the computer be able to play OTA 1080i/720P signals (with 6600GT hardware accelerated decoding?) The display is 480P.

After hours of research, I have found several references, where people are playing 1080i/720P happily with hardware similar to mine. But also quite few people are having trouble with their 2.8GHz hardware.

Anyone has similar setup? Care to share your experiences?

P.S. (I know my setup is way below MS MCE2005 or AverMedia A180s' minimum requirement. But those things are mostly chosen without much care by vendors)

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I'll bet you will have problems especially if you run Media Center. Here's my setup:

2.4Ghz P4 over clocked to 2.6Ghz

Geforce 6600GT agp

512MB DDR memory (running at 383Mhz)

200GB 7200 IDE drive

60GB 5400 IDE drive

Hauppage PVR-150

Avermedia A180

DVD Burner

CD Burner

Chaintech sound card

Firewire card

250Watt PS (I know I'm pushing my luck)

I get intermediate choppy playback when using Media Center. Outside of Media center everything is peachy (i.e. when playing content from VLC or Windows Media Player). You can't use Video overlay inside Media Center 2005 since it forces VRM9. VRM9 requires more processing power than overlay. I upgraded from a Geforce 6200 to a 6600GT and it helped but it's not perfect. I've read that dual channel memory support on the motherboard helps a lot, but mine doesn't support it.
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Seems that with video cards that support DxVA, I only need a minimum CPU to do the MPEG-2 HD decoding...

However, its the word "minimum", that confuses me. For some people, they think its around 2.4GHz, other says its around 800MHz.
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