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OTA DVR, playing .mts on Android?

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i have a Viewtv At-163 DVR that records directly onto a USB drive or a Micro SD card. The only problem is it records in .mts and I am trying to play the files directly on my tablet or phone. I have not been able to find any app that can play .mts on Android. Does anyone have any suggestions??
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Ok, update. MX player WILL play them. But my DVR breaks shows up into 20 minute files. Fox.mts, Fox.Mrs.,Fox.Mrs. Etc. If I use a video player it only sees the first "chapter"and only the first. Using a file browser, I can see and play all the"chapters" . Any suggestions on how to get the player to pay the entire file, instead of stopping at the end of each chapter and going back to the file browser?

It records in 20 minute file sizes. Plays fine on TVs computers and DVRs. It numbers the files .mts1 .mts2 .mts3 etc. if I want to watch on Android, I just rename the files, moving the number to before the.mts then it plays then all consecutively.

Ok, so the file size of the recordings seems to be based on the media being recorded on. When using a 160GB External HDD vs a 32GB Micro SD Card, the shows record in single files, 30 or 60 minutes long.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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